Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Skyscrapers

Came back from Manhattan, New York, led by my hosts, ho showed me around the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Wall Street, the Bull, Battery Park and the ferry from Manhattan South end to Staten Island and back...

If I had to choose where to live in USA, I would say Manhattan would be my first choice, then Chicago (the Loop) and Los Angeles downtown as the third choice. Yet the skyscrapers I was always fond of watching them on TV or seeing their pictures in magazines or online when I was a young kid and lad later on, did not make a big impression on me now.

But my preferred place on earth is and will be Kiabakari. And my preferred skyscrapers are the bell tower of Divine Mercy Shrine in Kiabakari and the towering postglacial rock formations surrounding my mission from the south and the east.

This North American trip clearly proved to me that my place is in Kiabakari, Tanzania, Africa. This is where I want to be, where I feel the best. With all the glamour and First World level of living (in some parts though), I miss Kiabakari so much now, I cannot wait till I get there back.

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