Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Like Kiabakari

What a rewarding day today, bright and sunny here in Los Angeles, with temps exceeding 35 Celsius. Feeling so much better in these conditions and range of temps, far closer or similar to those in Kiabakari and Tanzania at large. My general mood is that I feel like a solar panel that absorbs hungrily sun rays after gloomy and dark past days in my heart and mind... Recharging my heart and mind and body with these positive rays of warmth and light. Thanks be to God for today, for my new temporary passport and kindness and swift help of Polish Consulate staff in LA, for my Amtrak ticket for my upcoming trip cross country from LA to Chicago (two days on board of Southwestern Chief train number 4), for Fr. Rafal - my true Guardian Angel here in the only Polish parish in Los Angeles, for his kindness and hospitality and helping hand...God is great and so are His chosen ones I am truly blessed to meet day by day on my North American trail...

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