Monday, November 15, 2010


I've heard a lot about reunions since I arrived to North America. All kinds of reunions. And people seem to get excited at the prospect of the reunion. I'm no different...

In a couple of hours I will have my own reunion. The reunion with a classmate that has been close to me throughout almost three decades of my past life. And I haven't seen her in real life for at least twenty years. Guess, I am really excited at the prospect of this reunion!

It is amazing that one can be very indifferent to a person that lives next door or in the same house even, and on the other side, one may stay very close and build strong personal ties with someone who lives in a Kingdom of Far Far Away and the only contact one can have is internet, phone calls or texts.

This is how it has been with my classmate. Since I blessed her marriage some twenty years ago, our 'real life' connection was severed. She went to find a new life with her family in USA, myself went to Tanzania to follow my vocation as a missionary. Yet we stayed close to each other as soulmates till now, corresponding through letters, emails, texts and recently by phone calls.

Today, November 15, 11.08am, we shall reconnect again. How awesome is this?!

No wonder, the Word of God speaks so strongly, forcefully and fondly about the friendship as a priceless gift of God. I know the Word of God is absolutely right. I thank God for all my true friends He has given me and who enriched my life immensely. My classmate I will reunite with in a couple of hours is one of them.

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; 
he who finds one finds a treasure. 
A faithful friend is beyond price, 
no sum can balance his worth. 
A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy...
(Sir 6:14-16a)

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