Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Shepherdess

While in Chicago, my host and friend, Sister Stephanie, showed me around the Resurrection High School on the compound belonging to the Congregation of Sisters of the Resurrection. As we went through different sections and departments of that impressive and high-tech facility, adorned with spirit-lifting mottos and decors, one artifact struck me particularly...

Sister Stephanie stopped at the painting she was given on a certain special ocassion, when she was still a headmistress of this facility. The painting of 'The Shepherdess'.

Sister Stephanie spoke very fondly about this painting and the meaning it conveyed to her. Surely, in her demanding life, challenges and responsibilities he hold in her religious life, she showed so many times that she deserves truly to be called The Shepherdess.

I take my hat off to her in awe and deep respect.

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