Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just came back from a very interesting and mind and heart stimulating meeting with my compatriots living in diaspora - or just happening to be due to the character of their work in this part of the world, with global angle in their attitude and lifestyle. Still under deep impression, this unexpected and unplanned - in its timeframe and setup - meeting gave me a lot of personal satisfaction and joy, several layers of food for thought and caused a genuine admiration for those brave ladies I was blessed to meet and share thoughts and opinions on broad spectrum of life agendas over a nice lunch in downtown Dar es Salaam, together with my Tanzanian friends, including my friend and artist, Florian. Surely, my family of loved ones and friends expanded today with the priceless gift of friendship with them, which I will try to repay in kind through my prayers, well wishes and blessings for my new friends. It amazes me on daily basis how wonderful this life is when one is open for new challenges, new horizons, new friendships and humble enough to accept them with open heart and mind. Thank you, Lord, for this undeserved and unexpected wonderful gift!

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