Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pleasant Surprise

Last evening, when I was done with daily chores, I was busy writing a review for  an e-book for my Kindle I bought on last week and have been reading it since then. The review was meant for a web service as I believed the book was worthy mentioning in a public sphere like that...

I wanted to be as precise and correct as possible, so I searched for reliable data on the author and the book itself. I discovered that the author writes blog and i active on Facebook as well. I sent friend request with a slim hope that maybe one day he will be gentle and kind enough to accept it.

I barely finished uploading the review to the webpage, when I got notification on Facebook that my friend request was accepted by him and - to my much bigger and pleasant surprise - I got a personal message from him, surprised that I asked for his friendship, curious what made me to do so. This is how it went:

Eric Lamet February 11 at 11:28pm Report
Dear Adam, What made you pick my name? Happy to be your friend.Eric Lamet
Wojciech Adam Koscielniak February 11 at 11:39pm
I've bought a week ago your book, Sir. A Child al Confino. Been reading it slowly on my Kindle since then. I'm deeply moved and mesmerized by Your story.

This evening I was entering Your book in web service and was looking for correct data, thus finding Your blog and facebook profile.

I am truly honored that You have accepted my request. I appreciate this immensely!

Now, further reading of Your great story which gives me personally such an inspiration and huge boost in morale to survive and persevere in my lifelong vision and dreams - will be out of this planet...

Thank You for sharing with us, minnows, Your story, Sir. God bless You and Your family!

Wojciech Adam

This morning I received yet another message from him and I responded as well:

Eric Lamet February 12 at 5:54am Report
That was such a nice message you sent me and I thank you very much. When you finish reading the book and if you like it, please send Amazon your review of the book. I will appreciate that very much. 


Wojciech Adam Koscielniak February 12 at 6:56am
I sure will do. All the best, Sir!

So, the experience of reading his autobiography 'A Child al Confino' will truly be on another level...having conversed with the author himself and making virtual friends... I don't think I have ever experienced something like this before in my entire life.

Surely, my life has its generous share of pleasant surprises, appearing sometimes out of the blue, making my existence so much more worthwhile and exciting.

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