Monday, February 28, 2011

Simple Man

One of the qualities I consider as essential to my identity and comfort in life. Just to be a simple man. Sitting in the shadowy corner and doing my things in unassuming way, away from people's attention, away from spotlights, away from clapping hands... And the warm sensation of satisfaction filling my heart whenever I am able to do something worthy of my personal accolade.  A simple man. Oh, how I dream of disappearing completely from the public life and responsibilities! How I dream of following my lifelong inner call of leading a secluded life as a hermit. I hope one day, God willing, it will happen. Entering a life I dream of, far from people's eyes and completely standing in the presence of the One who created me, saved me and still tolerates my follies day by day... Will it ever happen? Will it happen?

I don't know... The more I dream about it, the more I need it, the more I feel being pulled into the abyss of daily chores, challenges and stuff I have to do but I dislike with all my heart. Only the sense of responsibility and the belief that this indeed is the Will of God for this point of time, makes me obey and act positively...

Found this song about being a simple man. I love this band. Those guys from Lynyrd Skynyrd have been with me since I was young. There are very few bands these days who can produce such classy, worthy lyrics like this one. Check them here. I dedicate this song to myself and everyone of you who loves being simple woman or man.... This is the best way to live our lives... And at the end stand in front of the Lord with calm joy that we did not use more air and space in this world than it was absolutely necessary....


  1. It is far too easy to forget about how wonderful life is when lived simply. Thank you for the reminder; my heart feels more at peace at this moment as I reflect on the topic and listen to this song.

    :) be well

  2. You too :) Hoping that all your dreams and life projects go simply easy and bring you a lot of satisfaction as you continue to see and appreciate little gifts coming to you on daily basis...