Monday, February 28, 2011


Do you know the secret of how to make an entire nation happy and ecstatic in an instance? In one click? Just wait for the moment when Tanesco switches the power back on! This is something unreal, something out of this world, something that speaks volumes about us, humans, here in Tanzania, and indeed elsewhere in the world, where the power over things like electricity and our, us minnows, dependance on it, makes for this strange relation where we accept the matter of things as it is, and see the commodity for which we pay and we should be provided unfailingly, as a rare luxury. Getting ecstatic when the power is restored instead of demanding a permanent solution to this abnormal situation! So sad. 

The situation has become so precarious and no quick solution is at hand, that even comedians are making fun of it and mock Tanesco in their programs as you can see here below...

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