Friday, February 4, 2011


So, the inevitable that was looming over my mission has happened. We ran out completely of water in our main house tank (not the new one, which is not operational yet and anyway it will not supply water for house consumption). What lies ahead of us now at home is hauling water from Musoma 3 or four times a week, 500 liters at a time. I will start on Monday, unless there are healthy rains today or tomorrow which will fill up the tank a bit at least. And knowing that Water Authority have not paid their debts to Tanesco, we may be facing a long period of struggle to survive - both at home and in the construction works. Not mentioning pre- and primary schools which need water as well. Please, pray for rains! And for some sanity for Water Authority officials and the intervention of the government to rectify the situation! How can you live without water???

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