Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Proclaiming Love Of Life In the Face of Death

Yesterday along with a few people who have been friends with our foreman in construction projects - Mr Sayi Tumaini - we traveled to Malili - half distance between Kiabakari and Mwanza, to take part in the funeral of Sayi's Mum who died last Saturday after a very long battle with cancer...

What reality did I experience there at the funeral site? 

A funeral landscape. Still nature mixed with vibrancy of life.

Men like a still nature...sitting idle in silence, motionless...waiting...helpless...women bursting with life and love, taking care of a dead woman in prayers for the repose of her soul...others busy fetching water...other women taking care of babies...others preparing food...sharing stories of life stronger than death... 

What a striking contrast! Men as if helpless in the face of death, resigned. Women resisting the inevitable, proclaiming their love for life and people, with tears, cries and laughter. Hats off to them!

I took a few pictures touched by what I saw there. The link to some of them is here.

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