Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nanotechnology Era

Two months without water and counting. A new Kiabakari record. I have no choice but to rely almost entirely on rainwater from now on. Plus driving to Musoma to bring clean water for drinking and cooking - 500 liters each trip. Repairing gutters as we speak, purchasing additional plastic 3 thousand liter tanks, repairing cracked service water tank behind stores. 

The main water tank - if solid rains come and fill it - will serve nicely the other side of the hill - health center, sisters' convent and center for education and formation. The Water Authority, in spite of getting substantial funds for overhauling the whole piping and pumping system, apparently did nothing to improve the situation. How can one talk about the genuine progress in 21st century in Tanzania in rural areas, if people lack basic needs - water, electricity, paved roads and user friendly laws enhancing commerce and people's creativity? Yeah, talk about nanotechnology era in Kiabakari...

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