Wednesday, February 16, 2011

E.T. Phone Home...

I have been waiting patiently for Tanzania Telecommunications Ltd. to graciously heed to my desperate calls for them to come and fix my dead landline at home in Kiabakari - since January last year. Last Monday I went for the umpteenth time to TTCL main office in Musoma and left frustrated again after being given yet another set of vague answers... What a surprise it was to see them coming this morning to my house, luckily finding me home as I have had just arrived from Bunda where I went for the regular confessions of Cloistered Carmelite Nuns!

Looks like those guys I left there on Monday, got agitated and decided to do something to avoid me coming back ranting and bitching all the time... So they came with a better solution and installed a wireless modern phone with antenna resembling that of a TV outside antennas. They installed a wireless terminal to allow me to use Internet and fax as well, but they will have to come back again as they came with only one antenna today.

Still, I was able to call my Dad home and gave him my new phone number. Once I buy a decent fax machine I will be set and ready to go for new challenges including better communications with my Foundation back in Krakow, other institutions and friends for a decent price tag.

Thanks be to God for answering my desperate prayers!


  1. Glad you're finally connected. It is a frustrating thing really to be out of touch with anything for that matter! Also glad that E.T has finally called home :-)

  2. My Dad after i called him initially, ventured to call me back a couple of hours later. It was great to hear the phone ringing and see his number on the display. It gave me somehow this feeling of closeness and normalcy...