Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Vocation?

I'm surprised, as much I disliked spending any amount of time in the kitchen at home when I was a child and a youngster, showing no signs whatsoever of any kind of cooking talent which I didn't care to deny, and at the same time displaying my passion for cleaning and washing at home, making things set in order  - that these days I feel like I am about to discover a new vocation - that of a chef in the kitchen. It is at least amusing! Well, starting of course as apprentice, trying to cook this and that, simple stuff, reading and learning, putting necessary equipment, basic to be honest, to enable me pursue my new hobby, my new passion... I wonder if it is not a temporary thing, but I hope not. Today is Sunday, nothing much to do, so decided to cook this and that for my friends coming over for lunch. Hope they like it. These are samples of what I am about to do today...

Everyone's welcome! Karibuni!

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