Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Incredible Days

On February 5 every year the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Agatha of Sicily. It is somehow strange that one of the most venerated Saints in the Pantheon of Catholic Saints throughout the centuries is not known to many! Her name is pronounced among the seven prominent Catholic Saint women in the First Eucharistic Prayer in the Holy Mass. What better display of veneration and love for a Saint can be if not placing her or his name in the Mass Canon?!

St. Agatha is an incredible  young woman, a true shining example for all women of all ages to follow. Her resolve, stance, dignity, her faith and commitment, her passion for love of Christ and His Church, her wisdom and good manners, her courage and relentless union with what she hold priceless to her heart.

I have been blessed with invaluable friendships of modern Agathas in my life since my childhood till now.  Today I pray for them in  a special manner, offering the Holy Sacrifice of Mass for them, thanking God for the gift of their friendship, wisdom, charismas, humanity and faith. May Saint Agatha, their Patron Saint, keep them i the palms of her hands and lead them in the path of light and life, safely towards the House of the Father...

I pray also to the Lord to grant me a special favor - to be able to go to Catania in Sicily to participate in three incredible days of celebrations of Saint Agatha feast, in the community where she was born, lived and is buried. I hope one day this will be possible.

Saint Agatha of Sicily, pray for us!

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