Thursday, December 16, 2010

Missa Luba

Done with the to-do list, resting in my room, immersed in thoughts, recollections and memories, visualizing the coming Christmas time filled with various eye catching and heart touching celebrations, I found myself reminiscing one of the best choirs in Africa, if not the very best (at least out of those I know myself) - the Muungano National Choir from Nairobi, Kenya. I remember the very first time I happened to listen to their a capella songs some 16-17 years ago... I rushed then to Nairobi to buy their audio CD and - as I was happy to find out - also their VHS recording of the same audio CD...

Missa Luba - Holy Mass sung parts (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei) composed by Mr. Boniphace Mganga - has remained to me the best piece of intercultural  blend of music and choir top performance I tried to instill in my own choirs in Kiabakari, with various degrees of success, but never as best as the Muungano National Choir.

I gave my heart, soul and artistic sense of beauty a little treat this afternoon, as I watched YouTube video clips of the pieces of Missa Luba. Here are the links to the relevants parts of this masterpiece:





Agnus Dei

This experience brought a myriad of memories from the span of many years as I still hope that one day my choirs will sing at the same level of art and commitment, being proud to be Tanzanian, African, and belonging at the same time to the global family of Children of God who respectfully give back to God their talents via singing, the best they can...

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