Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Highway

Living in Kiabakari in Mara Region, it is a long journey for me to get to Arusha and further on to the coast. You need to go through Serengeti and Nogorongoro on dirt road or to take a detour through Mwanza, Shinyanga, Nzega, Singida and further on.  The proposed so called Serengeti Highway which construction apparently has got a green light to go from the President of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Government, which would shorten our journey to Arusha significantly, poses huge controversy and raises fears of many that this may threaten the Serengeti National Park as we know it, along with Maasai Mara on the other side of the border in Kenya - especially the great migration of the wildebeests and other animals...myself included, even if I might be one of the beneficiaries of the project!

I am not sure if my readers are all aware of this problem, so I decided to put in this post a few links to some of the hundreds, if not thousands of articles on this hot topic. I hope you will become more aware how controversial this issue has become and how divided people are in their opinions on the projects and possible dangers it poses on the ecosystem and the wildlife...

Link 5 - the government of Tanzania opinion on the issue


I guess the time will tell who was right and was not... I hope if the project is done, that we who fear are proved wrong...otherwise, this knowledge will come simply too late...

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