Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Welcoming Sign

I have been quiet on this issue for some time but I have to admit that the election of the first black African Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland has been a very welcoming sign of opening of our Polish society to the world and human races...

Working and living in Tanzania, in East Africa, I have become very sensitive to racial issues and global human society. So, having a first Africa-born (Nigeria) and naturalized by Polish citizenship ten years ago, Member of Parliament in Poland speaks volumes to me and mean whole lot to me! And even more so, as Poland welcomed this election with open arms and hearts. This makes me even more proud of my fellow countrymen.

I would love African countries be open the same way to other colors and races and not repeating the same mantra I hear from time to time, especially in Tanzania: Africa for black Africans only. This is wrong. Any notion of this kind is wrong. Europe for whites only. Arabic countries for Arabs only. Asia for Asians only. This is wrong and this leads inevitably to natural suffocation as we need each other even if we sometimes can't stand each other...

I guess, as one of famous preachers said once: 'If we are to spend the whole eternity in heaven together, we might better get used to each other while we still here on earth!'

So, welcome, Mr. John Godson, to the Polish Parliament! I hope other will follow in your footsteps. Be it Africans, Asians or whoever wants to make a difference in the development of our country... Poland is not only for Poles as some would like to insist.

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