Friday, December 17, 2010

The Picture

As I am about to zip my bag, having checked that all that little I had on me, was in fact in the bag and nothing was missing, I am in a standby mode with a couple of hours left before I proceed to the airport and then (hopefully) to Musoma via Precision Air regular flight. This standby mode is not only about the wait for the departure, but also about the wait for Florian, my artist and friend who will come to see me for the last time this time to talk about a special project we want to do...

What project is that? I have commissioned Florian with the task of painting of a flagship picture depicting the Foundation Kiabakari and its activities, so we can display the painting in the headquarters of the Foundation in Poland and also use it and its details for any PR stuff needs we will come across in our work.

The first draft of the painting 
(we moved away eventually from this concept 
and went for landscape shape; 
the proposed message has been modified vastly too)

Florian came already a few days ago with a proposal, which I asked him to refine and enrich with additional messages in pictures and symbols. Today he will come with the second draft. We will work on it and if anything needs to be improved or changed we will do so and meet again online. Then the real work will start. Hopefully the painting will be ready by June. So, if I decide to fly to Poland earlier than planned for this year (for completion of the restoration of my documents and second doses of vaccinations shots as required by the hospital), I will be able to take the painting with me and hand it over to my people in the Foundation.

We talked with Florian about the idea of setting an exhibition with his art in Poland under auspices of our Foundation in a near future. This idea we will work on slowly on both ends - here in Tanzania and there in Poland, and I am positive in thinking that we will succeed.

Okey, time to shut down the macbook and stow it away in my hand luggage. Till we meet again on the other side of Tanzania later on this afternoon or tomorrow, God willing. Take care!


  1. Wojciech, you must be near final landing now in Musoma ,hopefully - if you have not been diverted somewhere else. The past few months you have certainly experienced 'the wind of change'. It will take a bit of adjusting but I see you are really looking forward to being back at base (where many problems will be waiting for your expertise). I was interested in the African being elected to Polish parliament. For the first time in N.Ireland we have a Polish canditate standing for our elections in the spring so it would be great if she were elected. We have a very large Polish community in N.Ireland and being in government gives one a chance to be heard. I hope you have no power cuts when you land at Kiabarkari mission as I know what a busy schedule awaits you in preparation for Christmas. We have another fall of heavy snow here so the boots have hardly come off when they are on again. Take time to adjust and don't rush into too much too soon as you have had very long days and nights of travel recently and jet lag can set in . Thinking about you as you get the crib ready !!
    Kind regards and lots of love, prayers and energy are sent to you as you start back on the mission field of Kiabakari1 I hope Santa sees that all your wishes are granted - you will need a very big Christmas stocking !!! From the Daly clan

  2. Actually, we are on generator power at the moment as there was no power when I came back home. But - it's so good to be back home and I'm glad to learn that there are no major problems that would cause me heart attack at instant! So, thanks be to God, sisters, parochial employees, parish council and the whole community.

    Feeling already as if I never left Kiabakari to be honest! Looking forward to last preparations to Christmas hectic schedule, pre-Christmas penitential services, and to the work that lies ahead right after the New Year.

    Sending you, Lena and the Clan, megatons of sun and heat from Tanzanian summer in full swing! Lots of love!