Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Day

Last day before I fly back to Musoma tomorrow (hopefully, it will be Musoma, as sometimes Precision Air takes you to unexpected destinations, changing schedules without warning, and flying us, poor folk heading for Musoma to Mwanza instead, then hauling us to Musoma by minibus, which means three hours of traveling). Last 24 hours of preparations before I finally reach home...

Sipping my morning customary coffee, I go through the to-do list once again. Major points on the list are: US embassy in Dar es Salaam, applying for replacement of stolen visa, Crown Limited - purchasing medical supplies for my health center (talked about the shopping list with the administrator yesterday) and one piece of equipment suggested by dr Jadzia (the last Polish doctor supervising the health center in Kiabakari) - hemoglobin colorimeter (spelling?) which would make malaria testing cheaper for our most underprivileged patients in the health center. I may have to be forced to buy this thing via installments as I do not have the budget for it. And I will take a pro-forma invoice for a baby incubator as I cannot stand the fact that newborn infants die in our health center mainly due to the lack of incubator. I will try to convince prospective donors to help us out with purchasing of this important machinery. This is only some 4-4,5 thousand USD after all! And what a difference it will make in our baby care in Kiabakari!

Then the remaining points on the list, making sure I get my quality coffee beans supply for Christmas and a New Year from a farm shop (the farm is run by a German in the vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro) located in Sea Cliff shopping complex. Great coffee for french press type brewing. For espresso and cappuccino, my old espresso machine is more than enough, and the coffee suitable for this type of brewing would be my favorite Kenyan coffee - Blue Mountain coffee beans.

And of course, I will make sure that I am still on the manifest list for tomorrow's flight to Musoma and what time is the latest checkin time at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam... You never know... Things do happen and you better make sure you are updated...

It's time to go... Have a nice day!

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