Sunday, December 19, 2010


Done today. The reactivation of my union with the living and praying parochial community.  Three Holy Masses, two in the shrine and one in Nyamikoma outstation, were the binding force that reactivated our union of faith, love and dependancy on each other. Thank God for giving me enough power to make to the end of the last Mass as today is quite hot, humid and no wind (just picking up as I write). Tough job to 'do' three long Masses in full liturgical armor in semi-oven conditions... Anyway, I'm grateful I was able to fulfill my duty till the end. It was so cool to reconnect with the parish and my people. I guess this joy gave my homily some extra winglets! People were happy to see me back and I felt as if some kind of relief was looming over them, as if they were unsure if I would come back... So now resting a bit with my music playing in the background on iTunes... Thinking already about challenges ahead. Tomorrow a trip to Musoma, setting things in motion. Time and planning is of essence! Have a good evening! Sending all of you, folks, in North America, and Europe, megatons of sun and heat! Take care and don't get frost bites!

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