Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You

This is probably the last post of this year. A year that has been fully packed with action, challenges, traumas, dramas, highs and lows of all kind. I won't even dare to list a bit of them here. Impossible task. But most of all it has been a year I would like to call as the Year of Friends...

And for all of you whom I was blessed to meet for the first time in my life and make friends in real life, for those I was blessed to meet again and reconnect, for those I communicated with in various ways throughout the year, for those who took their time to visit this new blog I started in the middle of this year, read it and comment on it, for all of you who enrich my life and make it such a blessing and a challenge at the same time - I wish to say - 'Thank You!' - from the bottom of my heart...

From East to West, from South to North, all around the globe, some powerful friendships have been made this year. In Canada and United States of America, in Poland and Europe at large, in Africa and in Tanzania in particular, in the Far East... These friendships made this outgoing year such a wonderful and memorable year!

I pray to God to bless you abundantly and keep all of you safe and happy in His hands. May the New Year 2011 strengthen our relations and friendships, see the fulfillment of your beautiful dreams, plans, hopes and adventures and bring more happy moments to all of us. Stay blessed!


  1. Just checking if I can post a comment.Szczesliwego Nowege Roku i Duzo Zdrowia Pomyslnoscia w 2011 roku, Wojciech. Glad you are forging ahead with you marvellous projects. I was thinking about your water tank as we had no water in our convent for the past 7 days - it was a taste of what often happens in missionary areas. It will be good to have the Primary school classroom opened as it means the little ones from the preschool can continue in a familar place. Sorry you are not in Ireland to eat Christmas pudding and cake - it is on the menu everywhere these days. Plain food will be welcomed soon. Here's hoping all your dreams for Kiabakari mission and for yourself will come true in 2011 - we will keep lighting the candles and praying for you. Love and blessings galore from all the Daly clan.

  2. The new day and the new year has dawned. Thanks be to God! Sub Tuum Praesidum confugimus...

    I surrender this new year, all my dreams, visions, anxieties and expectations to the loving care of the Mother of God. Praying for you, for all and for myself that the Lord's Will be done.

    Even so, with a thumping heart and distrust to myself I step onto a new unfamiliar ground of 2011.

    God, help us all!