Sunday, December 19, 2010


There is this feeling one would describe as a feeling of togetherness in undertaking a huge challenge, in tossing oneself into a deep ocean in hope one will manage to stay on top as one is aware that there are others around who are willing to help and one is willing to help others too in order to succeed together as a team...

This is the feeling that is warming my heart at the moment as I have just finished a crucial meeting with my sisters dealing with the strategic planning for the nearest future. It is so good to know that we are together in the attitude of responsibility before God and people we serve. This camaraderie in joining hearts, minds and human resources in an effort to pull out a major achievement. I am very satisfied with this meeting, with a mature approach of my sisters who are willing to sacrifice many expectations in a process of cruel reality check of a missionary life and its circumstances.

We know where we stand now, we know what we want to achieve and with what means. We know that we are together in this, we know it won't be easy, it will cost us a lot of blood and sweat, but so be it. The spirit of camaraderie is a fantastic counterweight of the ballast of the responsibility and challenges that lie ahead - the finishing of the water tank (piping and distribution), construction of the sisters' convent with its external service building, opening of the primary school etc... So many agendas, but we were able to tick them off one by one... Thanks be to God!

Together we stand, divided we fall!

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