Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Sound Of Snow

Back home with my Dad. Poland welcomed me with frosty bites on my cheeks and light snow falling silently from heavens... Yet the crunching sound of snow under my feet as I walked this morning to Sisters' chapel for the morning Mass was the most beautiful sound I missed for long...

The ordeal of getting new documents has begun right after the Mass, so far so good. First batch of the paperwork disposed of. Next batch on the agenda, once I get a decent shot of caffeine in my system. The gloomy weather does not cooperate well with a need of being fully agile, especially today, the day after my arrival home, as I feel jetlag and weariness after two months of wandering around North America...

Good to be back in Krakow, yet I miss more and more Kiabakari... but not yet, just a couple of weeks more :)

Let me enjoy to the fullest the lovely sound of a crunching sound under my feet first!

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