Monday, December 27, 2010

The Flower of Lucca

I woke up this morning, ready to tackle the present piece of time in two different ways simultaneously. Firstly, to continue celebration of the mystery of the Nativity of Christ through the liturgical Octave till the New Year and then in days following the Octave till the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Secondly, to get on energetically with three projects at once - the finishing of piping of the water tank, the finishing and furbishment of first grade pupils classroom in John Paul II Center for Education and Formation, and the construction of service buildings and the repair and finishing of St. Gemma Galgani Convent for my sisters...

The power and firm resolve to tackle the challenge of these projects comes directly from the Bethlehem crib. The daily morning Holy Mass and personal prayers during the Octave and beyond is and always will be a solid ground upon which  I can build my daily life and its constantly changing contents.

There is another ally to come to my aid in my work. The Flower of Lucca, St. Gemma Galgani, one of the most beautiful and most tried and tested Saints of all times... And the second Patron Saint of the parochial church in Kiabakari...

When I went to Camigliano di Lucca and to Lucca itself in August 2005 to pay my respect to Her and pray to Her, I pledged also to Her that my vow I made years ago when I started thinking about the necessity of the sisters' convent and their presence in my mission in Kiabakari that I will dedicate the religious convent to Her, though at that time in 2005 I was in Musoma Cathedral, I will fulfill nevertheless whenever I will happen to be in my life.

Now, the time to fulfill the vow has come. And I am immensely happy and excited that it is happening at last. And right here, in Kiabakari! Thanks to generosity of so many people of good will in North America in my recent trip, who were willing to support me and my cause in Kiabakari in spite of economy turmoil and uncertainty of the future, I am able to start the work today.

I know that the funds at my disposal aren't enough to see us through - as we prepare the classroom for first graders at the same time and the water tank as well, we have perhaps one third of what is needed to do the job,  that is why I place the funds in hands of Jesus Himself through the intercession of St. Gemma Galgani whom I ask humbly to pray for us, to keep us safe and ask Jesus to multiply our resources, so we may be able to finish the job.

I put my complete trust in the beautiful Flower of Lucca that She will do everything possible to make sure we succeed. We will light a candle every day in front of her picture as the visible sign of this trust and our love to Her. I saw the power of this kind of devotion in Montreal, at St. Joseph's Oratory, and elsewhere, wherever I went. I learned a lot from pious friends I was blessed to meet there. It is time for us here in Kiabakari to do the same, with firm faith and total trust in Divine Mercy and the power of the intercession of our friends in heaven.

St. Gemma, the Flower of Lucca, pray for us!

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