Monday, December 6, 2010


Simply frozen to death, and feeling as if my whole body is burning from inside, fighting cold and fever, after spending the whole day in freezing temps in one of the Krakow churches, doing mission awareness and fund-raiser for the construction of the center for education and formation in my mission and the completion of the sisters' convent... Stuffed myself with a handful of pills and heading for bed. Will see tomorrow how things pan out...Hoping flu won't get upper hand on me...:(


  1. Dear Wojciech you are not used to these Siberian winds and I am so sorry you have fallen ill. It would be nice to have some of the African heat this weather. We are snowed in quite a bit with temperatures at -10 degrees which is unique for Ireland at this time of year.I imagine it is a long time since you were in Krakow during the winter season. Tom and I lovely the winter scenes from Krakow - the photos were superb. Was that your footprints in the snow? You always leave your mark no matter where you are! Do take care as every day with your dad is so special and you have a lot of business to sort out too in ashort time. Wishing you a very, very speedy recovery .

  2. Thank you, my dear Lena! No time to recover, I guess I will have to wait for some rest when I get to Tanzania in a few days time... Tomorrow I need to get my yellow fever shot and some other as they expired. Lots of things to do before I leave on Thursday for Zurich and then Dar es Salaam. No frequent posts these days as I am unable to sit down for an hour or so and write something sensible ...

    Snow in Ireland is something I would love to see :) How do you cope with this strange white substance?

    My love and regards to all in Daly clan and all our mutual friends!

  3. I will say a decade of the holy rosary for you.
    I wonder if it's as cold as in Sweden but you will get well soon. I also advise you to drink a special medicine which is good for cold and such kind of stuff ; boil Ginger and Garlic then pour it in the cup, add lemon juice. It's a very good medicine.

    By the way, when are you flying back to TZ? My flight is on 15th. I would love to see the Divine Mercy Shrine at Kiabakari.

    with best wishes

  4. Karibu, nitakuwa Kiabakari kuanzia tarehe 17 mwezi huu.