Saturday, January 1, 2011


The Solemnity of Holy Mary, Mother of God has become particularly close to my heart since I was appointed as a parish priest in Musoma Cathedral parish in 2002 by the late Bishop Justin Tetemu Samba. The Cathedral church in Musoma has been dedicated precisely to Holy Mary, Mother of God, and today is the day we not only celebrate a New Year, but also a Patron Saint feast of Musoma Cathedral and the Diocese of Musoma as well, as Holy Mary, Mother of God is the Patroness of our diocese too...

When Bishop Samba asked me to move from Kiabakari to Musoma in 2002, he asked me also to organize and supervise the Golden Jubilee of Musoma Cathedral Parish, to deal with pastoral issues of the parish, to draw up a comprehensive vision of the development of the parish and also to supervise the general overhaul of the cathedral church itself and the rest of the infrastructure of the parish.

One of the main points in this last task, I had in mind and was very important to me, was to make sure that Our Lady took a prominent place in the newly restored cathedral church and people's hearts.

I decided to replace the statue of Our Lady of Fatima which was placed on a small shelve in the corner of the church, near the baptismal font, with an altar and a painting of Holy Mary, Mother of God placed above it - in the sanctuary of the cathedral, opposite to the bishop's cathedral.

I commissioned my friend - an artist from Dar es Salaam - Florian Ludovick Kaija, with the task of painting the picture of Theotokos - Holy Mary, Mother of God, the Patroness of the cathedral church and the diocese. I chose a painting of Theotokos which was the best in my opinion and he did the painting guided loosely by it. I think, and not only me, that he did a splendid job.

The best praise I ever heard about the overhauled cathedral and the altar of Theotokos, was that of a small child who told me once that whenever she enters the church and sees the picture of Our Lady, she feels a shiver down her spine, reverence and love towards the Lady who looks at her with loving and compassionate eyes of a Mum...

I leave it to you, dear reader of this blog, to judge for yourself if Florian did a good job and if the painting of Theotokos and the ambiance and looks of the cathedral church are good... Some photos of the cathedral - as I found it in 2002 and after the renovation in 2003-2004.

Today my mind and heart is with Holy Mary, Mother of God, Theotokos of Musoma Cathedral. I'm truly humbled and grateful to God Almighty that I was granted this privilege to renovate the House of Our Lady and display Her due place amidst the children of God and the followers of Christ, Her Son...

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