Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Faces Of Love 2010

Inspired by the new application on Facebook - My Year in Photos - I got an idea to dedicate this post to the Faces of Love of 2010. The faces of old and new friends - who I have met personally last year and were instrumental in making the year of 2010 such a remarkable time of my life. Unfortunately, I am in the possession of only a handful of pictures of persons I respect and love as genuine Faces of Love. That is why you will not be able to see all of them, though all of them are unique and critically  important to me. For this I apologize, but simply I have only their pictures imprinted in my mind and heart... For those whose pictures I publish, I did not put names under their respective pictures, because they are true revelations of one Love... Love of God... I place these pictures and persons depicted on them on the altar of my grateful heart. Without you, true Faces of Love, my life would become something else... Thank you for being there for me...The link to the album with Faces of Love is here.

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