Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now You Know

When I post that I happen to have malaria sickness, you may not know exacty what I am talking about. After watching this video, you will know what it's all about. Thank you, Paweł, the CEO and President of our Foundation Kiabakari, for pointing to me this video clip which I gladly share with you in this post below, while I undergo treatment for the disease shown in the documentary. Stay blessed!


  1. Wojciech- I almost feel sick after watching the utube film on malaria- what must it be like for you suffering the infection .God grant you will soon feel better. It was heartened to read that you were able to add plans to your next book while ill- the mind always at work. I gather you found the record of Pope Benedict's interview now published quite stimulating and interesting. He is an amazing man with great intellectual ability and profound spiritual sensitivities. His visit to England was a great success. He made a deep impression on all who met him or listened to his words. Your blog on the first profession of the sisters was startling - as you indicate most Religious Orders only celebrate the Final Profession but perhaps in Africa a different tradition exists. Anyhow it is good to see young women choosing to be religious sisters - this rarely happens in Ireland now . Young people tend to choose to do voluntary missionary work abroad for a year or two rather than make final commitments . But it is good to see them volunteer as it all helps. Enjoy the enforced rest from work and I hope you will recover soon. To morrow we celebrate the Epiphany here - I am sure there were some wise women who visited the stable in Bethlehem too !!!!

  2. Malaria has become an intrinsic part of my life in Africa. I can't even count how many times I fell sick to it, maybe a hundred times? Or more? It's always a bot different from the previous one, whenever I fall sick again... and it's slowly dismantling my system as I seem to feel hit by it harder and harder and new types of medicine are needed to combat it... Anyway, this is one piece of the reality I would call the dark side of being a missionary in Africa.

    You bet, there were more women in Bethlehem than men!