Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your Desperate Cook

Here I am. Your Desperate Cook. Desperately trying to cook something edible. Starting years back with first attempt to not to burn boiling water, going through pains, sweat and blood to climb the steep ladder of chef's mastery... I am not there yet, but fancying to rediscover in me vast pools of cooking abilities, hidden in my self... Once my sisters are gone to their convent, which, please God, will happen anytime in March, I am fully intending to rediscover myself and reinvent myself and reinstate myself in the kitchen as a sassy seasonal Desperate Cook. Will keep you posted how things pan out for me and my happy 'customers'. I hope no one gets hurt or sick eating what I come up with in my fabulous kitchen. Here it is an official opening of yet another illustrious cooking season for Your Desperate Cook - an all time hit - yummiest ever home made loaf of bread, famous all over the world!

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