Saturday, January 8, 2011


On this very day, January 8, 1991, around 8pm local time, I set my foot for the very first time on Tanzanian soil, or rather - the concrete surface of the Dar es Salaam International Airport. It's been twenty years exactly since that day when my life changed forever. Please, join me in thanksgiving prayer today for those twenty colorful and memorable, challenging, traumatic, euphoric and wonderful years, for everything that God allowed me to go through and taste, bittersweet memories, lessons learned, wisdom and experience gained... Immense wealth of knowledge, experience and history I am  so much grateful for to God Almighty and to all people God put on my path in those past twenty years. They were and still are absolutely important to me. And I cherish them and salute with pride and gratitude. Thank you for being there for me! I ask you humbly also to pray for me and people I serve and challenges I am facing today and in the days to come so that His will and not mine be done.

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