Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As the famous saying goes - "Troubles are opportunities in disguise", I guess it's quite right. At least as far as my ay today is concerned. Grounded home with malaria, fever and recurring from high blood pressure, I found myself in dilemma what to do with a sudden gift of free time I would spend working and doing different things today. The health trouble became an opportunity in disguise to do something else. So I spent the most of the day reading the 'Light of the World' (the latest book-interview with the Holy Father Benedict XVI) and in the meantime working on crude ideas for my new book I am going to write and publish this year - Holy Rosary meditations based on the Rosary Garden paintings themes (the Rosary Garden was my last project before I was transferred from Musoma Cathedral back to Kiabakari in 2006) and anchored in our daily life which I intend to present at a certain angle which I will not disclose at this point of time. Thanks be to God then for this unexpected opportunity to set in motion various things I would not even think of due to the lack of time and pressure I feel racing against the time with the ongoing projects in my mission...

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