Sunday, January 23, 2011


Another adorable day in our Polish encyclopedia of customs. The Grandfather's Day today. Both of my Grandpas passed away long time ago. The Father of my Mum - in April 1940 in Katyń Forest (I wrote about him in my post here). The second, my Dad's Dad - passed away in 1983 when I was a freshman in the metropolitan seminary in Kraków...

When Grandpa Józef was very sick, when he was nearing death he summoned me to his hospital bed... On my way to the hospital I got this persistent thought to recite Divine Mercy chaplet for him. I did so in the car and at his bedside. Was able to say a few of them...and after just a few hours my Grandpa passed away peacefully...

I wrote about this in my autobiography 'Między Taborem a Golgotą'.

The lesson I got from him and through him from God Himself - Divine Mercy is at work always. Let us not underestimate the power of love of Merciful Father! For Him nothing is impossible. And the hour of our death can be full of hope and light if we stay close to Him trusting completely in His Infinite Mercy!

Jesus, I trust in You!!!

When you will learn that I am about to die, please, please, grab your rosary beads and say Divine Mercy chaplet for me, so I can be forgiven my sins and granted a peaceful happy end of my life here on earth...

And I will do the same for you!

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