Friday, January 14, 2011

The Hand

Woke up in pieces this morning, felt as a pile of trash to be disposed any time soon... Got myself fixed somehow, thought quickly that all this is due to high B.P. probably. Shrugged off worries, jumped into my old truck and drove slowly to Bunda for the regular service as a confessor of Discalded Cloistered Carmelite Sisters in Bunda Carmel. It was my first time there since I came back from holidays, as they had the Superior General of Carmelite Fathers with them for Christmas and New Year services...

It felt so good to be back on the Holy Mountain of Carmel. It felt like coming back home... Done with confessions and spent some time in the chapel, talking with Jesus in the tabernacle, then turning to His Mum in Her statue as Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Had a lot to say and be grateful and sorry for...

At the end I did what I like most. To surrender myself to my heavenly Mum and kiss Her hand in love and reverence.

It felt so good as it does always... Then driving back to Kia with this special warmth in my heart knowing that Mum knows everything and She will take care of it and will tell Jesus as She did at Cana of Galilee: 'He does not have wine...'

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  1. My heart jumped with joy?/anxious when I read the first few lines. I hoped it is not just a short story but few pages perhaps! I haven't heard from the sisters ever since I wrote to them like two/three months ago. I tried to call them in vain.May be it's God's Will may be I'm just being 'too much'. If you see them, please tell them about me. I visited the Franciscans (Fr pekupeku's) but I also wanted to see the Carmelites as well.

    Pole nimekuandikia humu but you no longer reply my emails as well, lakini ukipata muda naomba unijibu.