Friday, January 7, 2011


On this day, exactly twenty years ago I left Europe and the world known to me - my personal Ur - and began my journey via Swissair from Rome to Dar es Salaam via Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, towards the Promised Land - Tanzania. I did not now what to expect and what God had called me for in Tanzania back then. I did not know if I manage to be a missionary in Africa. Twenty years later, the picture is clear and some answers to my questions have been already given...

Is it a pure coincidence then or a cheeky plot that today there is a first working session / a meeting of the most active members of my Foundation Kiabakari right there, in our family apartment, from which I set off for Tanzania twenty years earlier?

I have just returned from the shrine where as the conclusion of today's recollection day I offered a Holy Mass for the intention of this meeting, thanking God for missionary call, for that day twenty years ago where I left Europe for Africa and for all those wonderful persons who decided magnanimously to join their hearts and hands with me forming the Foundation Kiabakari as a concerted efficient effort to support my cause in Kiabakari and wherever we may be needed in the future.

I place safely and securely the Foundation, its members and supporters, Kiabakari and its vision, and myself along with all readers of this blog - in the Sacred Heart of Jesus as today is the first Friday of the month.

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