Monday, January 3, 2011


For a moment I thought of a deja vu that was going to happen today. On the day my Mum passed away I drove to Butiama as I said in the morning post. The message reached me there. Today I was about to drove to Butiama too, to meet with the parish priest who wanted my advise on some issues. I got anxious a bit as I thought that this smells like a deja vu of January 3, 2009. Luckily, well maybe not so luckily after all, I cancelled the short hop to Butiama as I felt too weary to drive - there has been a new condition developing for me for a past few days, which was not present before - that of a fluctuation of blood pressure which I find quite difficult to handle and to be able to work as normal with this at times high B.P. So, I decided against driving in this condition and instead I chose to stay home and do some other mental work, which I have been doing since the morning hours... Guess so - sometimes being sidelined for health problems is not as bad as having a deja vu that sends a shiver down your spine that something very bad is going to happen any time...


  1. Dear Wojciech take care - high blood pressure is very serous.I hope you have medication to restore it to normal levels.This has been a difficult day for you with so many cherished memories of your dearly beloved mother surfacing. No doubt she is looking down on you with eyes of love and gratitude. May she rest in peace.
    Yes, you will get the convent built as you have that masterly touch that makes things happen.
    We are still in the Christmas season as we don't celebrate the Epiphany in Ireland until the 6th Jan. I loved your reflection - most inspirational. Also it was amazing to see your Health Centre being built - you sure serve the poor . I noticed the shanty town houses and admire so much your dedication to making life better for your parishoners. May all your efforts be richly blessed in 2011. love from the Daly clan

  2. I do hope the major trouble has passed away, feeling better now, still I have to be careful as told by my doctors and friends back in Poland who monitor the whole situation. I'm glad I can go back to work today, at least in a bit subdued mode but still...

    Greetings and love to you all, my Angels in All Ireland!