Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Instant Prayer

Having my morning instant coffee with milk, thinking about the kind of innocent, pure prayer, full of trust in Lord's Mercy and Kindness...The prayer that brings instant results. Instant Prayer... This is precisely what happened this morning...

Late last night I had a message on Facebook from a friend of mine from Poland who read my previous post 'The Lord of the Dust'. She was so concerned about this dry season ugliness that she promised to pray for rain, that the Good Lord may send immediately to soothe this dryness... I, as rational as I could be, told her that this dry season will last for a few more weeks, so I do not expect sudden changes in this weather pattern.

I woke up this morning to the sound of drizzle. Ashamed of my rational approach to weather and chuckling to myself, happy with this little lesson in living faith, I thought about the power of innocent prayer, filled with good wishes and concern for others...

Thank You, Lord, for this morning catechesis! Thank You, Joanna, for your concern and well wishes supported by a prayer full of living faith that brought instant results!

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