Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back To Base

The flight on board of Boeing 737 of Precision Air was abnormally normal and on time. Landed in Mwanza at around 11.30am, Father Andrzej Duda, CR, was magnanimous enough to pick me up at the airport and drive to Kahangala to his confrere and my friend - Fr. Andrzej Mądry, CR, where we had a nice chat and a tasty lunch. Then drove to Kiabakari where Andrzej dropped me and after having a quick cup of tea and a piece of freshly baked cake by my sisters, he drove back to Butiama, and myself started to unpack...

It's great to be back home. The temps are bit lower than in Dar es Salaam, I think, and what matters most - humidity - such a killer in Dar - is much lower here.

The thing that worries me is that the power cuts in our area are even more severe than in Dar es Salaam, with daily blackouts and power restored only in the evenings and sometimes even at night they cut the power off... This becomes unbearable! Even now as I write these words, electricity is gone again after barely 3 hours since restored at around 3pm. Dunno if we going to sit the whole night in darkness or what? I consider switching on the generator so at least I can charge fully this macbook and my mobile phone along with Amazon Kindle.

Sisters are very happy and relieved that I came back safely. I am happy too yet apprehensive of what lies ahead of me in the next few days.

My heart and mind goes to those I left behind in Dar, grateful for their love, kindness and friendship. And good times we had together! May God keep all of them safely in the palms of His hands and bless them abundantly...

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