Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miracle Cup

If you are a citizen or a resident in Tanzania, I am sure you will have known this story since long! A story of a miracle man, Ambilikile Mwasapile, a retired pastor of Lutheran Church in Tanzania, who claims to have visions or dreams of God who told him to heal people using a local herb called 'mugariga'. Living in a remote village off the road from Mto wa Mbu to Loliondo, he has become famous all over the country through this miracle concoction which - administered by him and him only - after drinking only one small cup of some 100 ml of this herbal mixture a person is cured immediately of any serious diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. The cup costs only 500 Tanzanian shillings which is about 35 US cents...

The whole country has been taken by a frenzy rush to see the miracle man and get a miracle cup of mugariga mixture. Below I post a few links to relevant articles or blog posts of others dealing with the subject. You can also see with your own eyes what this man looks like and what kind of huge traffic jams that poor countryside experiences. The pictures are simply unbelievable! I leave it to your judgment if you believe in this story or not. I offer no comment on it, though.

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