Sunday, March 6, 2011

Picking Up Pieces

The picture you see below was taken this morning before the Holy Mass in Nyakiswa village. Their chapel or - rather - sizable church has been under construction for some time. Whenever I go there, I sit for the confessions before the Mass. The catechist or one of the lay leaders would put a chair in the future sacristy of the church and I would sit and listen to confessions of those who wish to reconcile themselves with the Lord. Today there was no exception to this custom...

What struck me particularly hard seeing this confessions' setup is the realization of the truth about the coming Lent and the sacrament of the reconciliation. Is it not all about the picking up bits and pieces of ourselves and patching them together with God's Mercy and Love, creating a new person, yet visibly the same?

Broken, wounded, disenchanted, disoriented, sick and tired, lost, shattered we come back to the One who is able to make all thing new, including us...

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