Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flowing With The Rhythm

Oh yes, flowing with rhythm so well known to me... Oh, how I've been missing this flow of rhythm of my life... Giving my all on Saturday, giving my all on Sunday morning and early afternoon... and then on my return home, having it all for me and me only... these few precious hours of seclusion, detachment, separation from the routine and hectic schedule of the whole week... The Sunday afternoons, home alone and happy, recharging my inner batteries, putting myself together, rekindling the power of spirit, psyche, getting my body in shape for the next week's battles...

The Sunday afternoons are the only pieces of time when I would be able to be alone with no one around me. And I used to guard this time jealously before sisters came to Kiabakari and to my house... and my people would know and respect this, understanding that if I miss this time being just with me and for me alone, I would be in bad shape the next week as I would have no day off nor time to rest, getting spin with responsibilities and duties the whole week...

After a very long time, more than an year now, I am savoring this kind of calm Sunday afternoon today. My sisters are gone for a recollection day at Epheta, Makoko, Musoma. I'm home alone, sipping a hot red beetroot soup (barszcz) sent by a thoughtful friend of mine, for my lunch, running a generator as there is no power again today, and  watching Peter Gabriel's concert on DVD, one of my favorite - Secret World... with volume as high as possible... I feel how I'm flowing with rhythm, I feel how my soul rejoices in this peaceful ambiance, I feel how my psyche, rocked by the rhythm of the great music, unwinds and relaxes, recovering from stresses and tiredness of works of the past week...

Oh, yes, in Your eyes, oh Lord, I am complete, in Your eyes I can see the understanding of this need to have this short time for myself, for the sake of my people and the service I render to them the whole week... You told us to get away from work and rest a bit from time to time... and I am grateful so much for the gift of this afternoon, which brings me back to the rhythm of my life I am used to and which helps me to live on high and work tirelessly the whole week with the power of Sunday morning Eucharist and the Sunday's afternoon detachment from people and business...


  1. Hello Wojciech
    How glad I am that you have one Sunday afternoon to call your own as I worry you will suffer from 'burn out' .When I read that you were going to be doing the administrative tasks at the Health Centre as well as your thousand other projects I was concerned for your health and well being. You can't do everything so I hope that you will put some other things on hold until Sr. Grace returns.
    I can't imagine what life is like for you all with the constant power failures - if we have an electric cut here everything closes down as we are so reliant on it.You would need the patience of a saint but sure you are a saint well on in the making !!!
    Here in South people are glad that a new government is being formed as Ireland has a lot of problems at present. I do hope you will manage a little more time for yourself as you say to recuperate your spirit and relax.
    In our thoughts and prayers Love from all

  2. Such is life and I have to accept it as it comes at me... Praying for you, guys, there!