Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woman. Mystery. Inspiration

This is the title of the exhibition of art by my younger and only brother, Christopher. He shared with me just a couple of days ago his joy of being able to go public with his passion for the mystery of a woman in his life, a mystery which has become an inspiration for him and for us, close to him. I know his passion for long and admired always his sensitivity to the beauty of a woman, a beauty of a female form and the mystery of a woman genius which inspires him and us all. I would like to share with you my joy of his first step towards public awareness of his artistic life and wish him all the best in pushing forward with his passion, fulfilling his artistic dreams and visions! Well done, Bro! The link to the info on his exhibition is here.

On this day, Women's Day, I pray for and wish all women I was blessed to meet in my life - may you always be a genuine inspiration for me and for all of us, may all your wonderful dreams be fulfilled, may Our Lady, the Perfect Woman of all times be your inspiration and guide and keep you safe in her maternal hands... Thank you for being a mystery and inspiration for me! Hats off to you! This is to you all with love and respect!

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